Wildlands weapons. Learn how to locate and unlock every weapon in Ghost Recon Wildlands. (30 Photos)

Search the train station loading area for this Weapon Case. To easily find this base, search along the western side of the province. Effective at Close - Medium Range. Head to the location and approach it from the east. Some mid-level sicarios also carry M4A1s which has a mounted red dot sight and round magazine. The gun is extremely powerful and accurate, easily capable of demolishing vehicles in a single shot, and remains accurate over a long distance. It is the highest-capacity sub-machine gun in the game with 64 rounds in its magazine.

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This is the first appearance of this particular HK variant in any media. Sign In Don't have an account? M18 smoke grenade - Yellow. In the final game, the AK can be found in the Libertad province.

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The Weapon Case in question is just ahead as you exit the shooting range. To find it, simply locate Los Hombres Jaguares on your map, then head to the location. The best sniper rifle in the game for stealth and loud kills. Vibora in La Cruz, which is southeast of Khochi.

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Infiltrate the base, then follow the western wall up to the armory. The first Weapon Case in this province can be found in Los Humildes Peregrinos, a motel located along the main road that wraps around the river flowing through this area. The weapon has some of the lowest damage stats for any assault rifle, but makes up for it by having the highest rate of fire of any AR in the game.

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M18 smoke grenade - Red. The slide incorrectly designates it as the "A2", which is a variant manufactured by Rock Island Armory although the gun in game is not an RIA A2, as demonstrated by the lack of ability to use double-stack magazines. Available for real currency from the in-game shop is the integrally-suppressed SilencerCo Maxim 9 , as part of the "Silent" Ghost Pack. The Weapon Case can be found against the northern side of the cabin. To briefly highlight their position, a sniper's position will be briefly revealed by their scope's glint before firing. La Yuri keeps a Desert Eagle on her person although never actually uses it in combat as she goes for the M minigun near her instead and sometimes used by cartel lieutenants. Climb down the cliff and into the back of the camp that is situated just east of the outpost, then make your way into the brick building along the right side to find this Weapon Case inside a storage container.

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M9 Handgun One of our personal favorite handguns, this weapon can be found inside of a Weapon Case a small base set up near a makeshift runway along the central western edge of the province. Make your way to the location and then head inside the house using the front entrance. A unique version of the C1 Sterling, "Experimento 42", is awarded to the player when they capture El Cerebro, it comes with an ATPIAL laser sight and a custom wooden foregrip both of which is not available on the regular version.

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Midas carries the PDW as his weapon of choice in-game, equipped with a Kobra sight. If the player has the "Fallen Ghosts" DLC purchased, the BFG is immediately available upon starting the game, with all optic mounts auto-unlocked for it. The Weapon Case in question is just ahead as you exit the shooting range.

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