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It's the go-to app for binge-watching TV shows and movies, so you'd expect it might use a lot of battery downloading and playing shows. Androids stock auto brightness is brutally slow, I use lux. Related wikiHows. That makes sense, as they are both services that want to ping or buzz you the moment you get a Like, Comment, Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Message, Invitation, Direct Message, and on, and on. Your source for all things Android! Use power saving mode. I have turned off all location services, stopped sync of BBC news, breaking news, Guardian app, calendar - basically everything that I can manage without. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Thus making the phone a pleasure to use as well as eco friendly!

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One way to mitigate the effect on both is to block Snapchat from using mobile data and only use it while on Wi-Fi. However, some apps also use location services when active or even when running in the background. And, if at all possible, you can also just send fewer messages and refrain from watching videos on WhatsApp when on-the-go.

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Comments Read comments. Consume less battery power by using a brief tone or no tone at all when your Android notifies you of an incoming message. I've tried all the angles suggested with no improvement, can't waste my life trying to and now resort to disabling and avoiding the world of Google at any cost.

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Honor MagicBook 15 with gen Intel Core processors announced. Are you using too many battery-killing apps? Made a huge difference for me.

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I never once used it but after the first few days of having this phone, I noticed it constantly drained my battery. Show less Image gallery. Method 2 of If this continues, I'll have to reverse the change and forfeit the trial - better that than ruining my Nexus 7. Consider watching with the display brightness turned down when you can. Consume less battery power by using a brief tone or no tone at all when your Android notifies you of an incoming message. Trimming Energy Extras. The screen is normally the big gangster, with a few settings shoplifting a few minutes - although some apps like Facebook and some widgets are serious underworld thugs.

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Amazon Shopping The Amazon Shopping app is a sneaky little battery drainer because it's quite unassuming. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Realme X2: Things you should know!

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However, I am wanting to acquire at least one iTablet to play around with. Choose your account and then press sync settings followed by sync schedule. I also keep my phone on charge while I sleep.

Fix Idle Battery Consumption, Increase Battery Life on Android NO root

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