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Ocean's Eleven. But the studio didn't want to put up the campaign, and I felt that I didn't want to go for a supporting-actor award, because I'd always thought of myself as the lead, even though by then I wasn't getting starring roles. Edit Did You Know? Company Credits. Angie Dickinson". She has 9 hobbies: golfing, playing poker, fishing, dancing, singing, partying, watching movies and dining out. In the same situation as Julie London , Dickinson had to take a break from the movies, in , to become a stay-at-home mother to Nikki, full-time, due to her daughter's problems. Lucille Hart. Archived from the original on August 1, Cynthia Pike - Murder Blues

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Detective Marino David Margulies And don't forget David Carradine is the son of John Carradine. Certificate: Passed Western. In addition to suffering from autism, her daughter, Nikki, also suffered from poor eyesight.

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Similarly, she has blonde hair color and light brown eyes. Hollywood Legenden TV Movie documentary I regret it now.

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After her role in Mending Fences , she retired from acting at age M Squad TV Series A Tribute to Mr. Les rendez-vous du dimanche TV Series

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The Sins of Rachel Cade Drama Mystery Thriller. For several years in the s, Dickinson dated television interviewer Larry King. Dickinson came in second at a local preliminary for the Miss America contest, and that got the attention of a casting agent, who landed her a spot as one of six long-stemmed showgirls on The Jimmy Durante Show. But the last few years I haven't. Sign In. When I started shooting Police Woman , someone asked me if I had ever played a sleuth before. Up 19 this week.

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She was three years Bacharach's junior. Obsession The Dick Powell Show.

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As a younger woman she could not have done this due to the Hays Code, which wasn't dissolved until Angie Dickson married a former football star Gene Dickinson and adopted his surname. Marshal Wyatt Earp kills a couple of men of the Clanton gang in a fight. Jealousy TV Movie

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