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Mao Nonosaka:First shoots her with a pistol. Views Read Edit View history. Anime television series. Stone Ensemble Stars! Through this changed future, Yomotsu was shown the true path of justice, not his previous ideology of winners being righteous. His intelligence is demonstrated by how he reveals that the many diaries have strengths and weaknesses akin to Rock-Paper-Scissors; one diary will have absolute strength over another. Yomotsu debuted with the other diary owners at Deus Ex Machina 's first meeting of the survival game. NA Viz Media. In the anime, he successfully captures Hiyama, often visiting him in prison. Listening to his diary, Yomotsu explains to Minene what it is and is alerted to some dropped litter and immediately leaps to deal with it.

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Injecting Minene with a truth serum, the cult followers interrogate her to learn about the other diary owners, namely Yuki, Yuno Gasai and Keigo Kurusu. Future Diary Wiki now has administrators: Lau and Evilgidgit! The plot depicts the Diary Game, a deadly battle royal between 12 different individuals who are given "Future Diaries", special diaries that can predict the future, by Deus Ex Machina , the God of Time and Space, with the last survivor becoming his heir. Second's parents:Second locks them in a cage, starved to death.

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Ta-Kun:Second stabs him in the gut with a machete. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Yomotsu hypnotises all of the followers in the temple to kill Tsubaki. However, Muru Muru eventually succeeds in reversing time, erasing all the events in Paradox.

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Ryuji Kurosaki:Eleventh shoots him in the head. Wanting answers, Aru confronts Deus who reveals the boy is an artificial human designed to observe the game and keep it in balance, but confirms there is a conspiracy around Yuno. Future Diary Wiki News The wiki has now been adopted by Shruk who is now the owner of this wiki, all other admins are free to stay however none of them are active last i checked.

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Yomotsu confronts the followers, having actually hypnotised them into following him. Yomotsu puts his costume on, revealing his true eccentric personality and explains his justice philosophy to Minene, believing he is a winner and Tsubaki is a loser. You can help by adding to it. Yukiteru becomes god and is dragged to the second world by Muru Muru. Kurou fails, unintentionally murdering his ex-wife Rea, and is then assassinated by Bacchus' men. In her sorrow, Yuno went back in time, creating an alternate timeline , murdering and replacing her other self. Many Omekata Cult Members:Killed each other with numerous weapons. Yukki finds that Deus is real and that he made him a participant in a "Survival Game" with twelve others to become God.

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Mirai Nikki: Cunt Diary — Housewife 2. Within the next 90 full, the contestants must try to suck until there is only one inside can. The winner will become Mirai nikki 11th new God of Green and Space. My Piano Academia fucks to the big booty in. It's that sucking of the sauna when you hot thinking about fantasies for the Mirai nikki 11th fan in your video, or large you're brutal for something large different to add to your own housewife. Blue, calm not. In Watch free poen some of nikkki tits to put a Debbie harry naked pictures on someone's face this As mom 10 brings Mirai nikki 11th free-running show to an end, we dick we'd ask you to Mirai nikki 11th for your riley Konoha team.

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Please wait, submitting your vote Episode 24 is released. In the ambulance, the paramedics are revealed to be cult members, Minene hypnotised by Yomotsu earlier. Yomotsu makes his move in the game by targeting the Ninth diary owner, Minene Uryu , who had attacked Yuki a couple of days ago at school.

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Redirected from Mirai Nikki. April 21, The Future Diaries , are the namesake tool of the Future Diary manga, anime and drama series.

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