Top 10 xbox 360 games. Cream of the crop. (14 Photos)

You can. Halo: Reach also happened to have one of the best multiplayer modes in the entire series, with new character abilities and weapons that offer a twist on the established formula. It also comes with bonus DLC packs. The GTA series had always maintained a surplus of activities, and GTA V combined multiple aspects from previous releases in the largest map yet. The genre-defining action-RPG revels in killing you — over, and over, and over again — until you learn from your mistakes. The Top 25 Xbox Games. Portal 2. Minecraft comes with a four-player, split-screen offline mode and supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean, Russian and French.

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Super Meat Boy. Because if you aren't hiding behind something in Gears of War, you might as well be dead. Caught between striving for the future and remaining rooted in the past, Black Ops II finds solid footing, providing another great ride on the Call of Duty rollercoaster.

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In case you're wondering, the service on consoles was only recently suspended in March of , proving its staying power. Assassin's Creed II. As per BioWare, the game had multiple endings, and events turned out differently depending on your choices and alignment to Paragon good or Renegade evil. It doesn't have mercy.

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This is no doubt in part due to its exciting library of games. Continue Reading. Open world games are typically under some heavy constraints. Minecraft comes with a four-player, split-screen offline mode and supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean, Russian and French.

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Shadow Complex. This November, the Xbox will turn 10 years old. Mass Effect. You get Hercule SSJ. Car porn. Release Date: Dec 3, User Score: 6. There are enough secrets hidden in the Progressive Restoration's massive underground facility to keep you going for hours on your first play-through, but with the four difficulty settings, competitive leaderboards, challenge rooms, clever achievements and bonus objectives, you won't want to leave it at that. Gears of War 2. Where should you start? Rating - All video games have an Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB rating, which helps you pick something that will be both fun and age-appropriate for the player.

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Launching in , the Xbox had a one year head start on both the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. Burnout Revenge. Somehow, Portal 2 improved upon the original in every way possible.

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Remedy Games developed a reputation for moody, atmospheric action games with an emphasis on sympathetic characters not found elsewhere in the genre, and its long-delayed Alan Wake is perhaps the best example of this. Plants vs. Holiday Gift Guide.

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